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Wisechem International Co., Ltd. is a combination of manufacturer of chemical products and international trade company.
We have:
Our own manufacturing facility in the Chemical Industry Zone in Taixing,Jiangsu,China. Not only can we research, develope and manufacture our own electronic chemical products and  intermediates, we can also manufacture the products based on customers' specs.
We have more than 50 manufacturers in China to provide us with ingredients and technology. That provides us with a stable and high quality source of supplies in fine chemicals (Pharmaceuticals, Dyestuff, Pigments, Agro-chemicals,Electronic Chemicals, Photochemicals Essence, Flavors,Food & Feed Additives,etc.)
We have built long term stable relationships with many trade partners in Japan, Europe, US, South Korea and India.
With the strong support of many research institutes and university research facilities, we have the capability to develop new products, manufacture on demand , products upgrades and technology innovations.
Employees have close to twenty years of international trade experience and chemical industry knowledge.
We are specialized in:

Products :
Fine chemicals, Intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Electronic chemicals, Dyestuff and pigments,  Agro-chemicals,  Photochemicals,  Additives,  Resins

Chemical Reactions :
Chemically Hydrogenation,  Grignard,  Coupled,  Halogenated,  Wittig,D-A,Lithium Regent and its application

Formulation development

Custom manufacturing

Our mission statement:

Provide the highest quality services to our customers in China and overseas,become the best intermediary for the suppliers in China and customers overseas, create win-win solutions for our customers and generate growth along with our partners.


Room 1005,Rainbow Building
No.23,Renmin Road,Zhongshan District Dalian,China


Tel.: +86-411-82594468
Fax: +86-411-82594368

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